Tips for buying at auction and a FREE offer too good to miss!

Tips for buying at auction and a FREE offer too good to miss!

The Central Coast real estate market is thriving while interest rates remain at their lowest point for several decades. Auction clearance rates are high, indicating a market on the rise.

Chances are, you have found yourself here because you are interested in purchasing a property in one of the many beautiful suburbs the Central Coast has to offer.

The problem is you are probably not the only person wanting to buy that dream property, and in this market competition is strong, leading many to disappointment when they cannot secure the property they have set their sights on.


New Laws For Swimming Pool Owners


Do you own a property with a swimming pool? Are you aware that there has been a significant change to laws in regards to swimming pools in NSW?

By the 29th of October 2013 all swimming pools in NSW must be registered.

This also affects the conveyancing process as home owners with swimming pools also need to obtain a Swimming Pool Compliance Certificate before they can be sold or leased. Read More...

Useful websites for moving house

Useful websites for moving.

It occurred to me recently, after we moved house, that some readers of our blog
may get some benefit from a checklist of items that need to be considered when moving house.

Rather than recreate the thousands that are available online, I figured it would be more helpful to provide some useful links for moving. So here goes.