Wanted: House for Sale

Wanted: House for Sale

In the last few weeks two of our clients have tried a slightly different method for finding a property to purchase. They both did a letterbox drop in the prospective areas that they wanted to buy and live in.

And much to their surprise it worked!

For minimal cost and a little bit of footwork, both families were able to find a property to purchase in a very short period of time and they were able to enter into negotiations directly with the vendors.

It is a classic win-win situation. The buyer gets to choose their ideal location and property type and the vendor saves on commission, advertising and even the expense and effort in preparing their property for a marketing campaign.

According to one of these clients “it really couldn’t have been easier and we are so happy to not have to get into a bidding war with other buyers”.

Tom used a template from Microsoft Word to design the attached flyer and as you can see it ticks all the right boxes. Obviously we have removed his contact details, which were also shown at the bottom of the page.

Don’t be afraid to personalise your flyer so you don’t come across as a shonky “we buy houses for cash” type of person. If you can, use a work email address so they will know at least one thing about you before they call a complete stranger.

Tips for using this strategy:
1. Be prepared to use a real estate agent, as some vendors may not feel comfortable valuing their own property and doing the negotiations.

2. Have your finances in order so you know your price range.

3. Do your research on the area and consider getting an RP data property report on the property before you make an offer.

4. Make sure the terms & conditions of the contract are clearly defined in a contract prepared by the vendor’s solicitor and have them approved by your solicitor.

5. Personalise your flyer so you don’t sound shonky.