Useful websites for moving house

Useful websites for moving

It occurred to me recently, after we moved house, that some readers of our blog may get some benefit from a checklist of items that need to be considered when moving house.

Rather than recreate the thousands that are available online, I figured it would be more helpful to provide some useful links for moving. So here goes.

Mail redirection

The following is a link to the Australia Post Mail Redirection Service. This is a fairly cheap service provided by Australia Post, that redirects any mail addressed to you(and your family) at your old address, and will forward it to your new address for a set period of time.

Notify organisations of your new address

Another really useful service offered by the Post Office is that you can allow them to notify organisations that you have an account with of your change of address details. This is really handy and includes a long list of organisations including the Australian Electoral Commission. Please note that you can only use this service if you have set up a mail redirection, however there are other providers of this service that can be found online.


If you don’t use the above service it is really important to update your address with the AEC. It is one of those things that is easy to forget, but it’s a very simple process to change your details online.


This is really really important. If you don’t change your address with the RTA and your registration expires you will be caught and fined big bucks! The police have cameras that can detect a car without registration in a split second and many people are now getting caught out for simply not paying their rego on time. The fine is very heavy and they are very strict about applying them.

We have absolutely no affiliation with this website, however it contains a really nice check list for moving house. With reminders for all the usual tasks such as changing your details with phone, gas, electricity and banking providers.

If you find anything amiss with this list of links or you think we have missed something valuable, please let us know via our contact page.