New Laws For Swimming Pool Owners

Do you own a property with a swimming pool in NSW? Are you aware that there has been a significant change to laws with regards to swimming pools in NSW?

New laws have come into force that mean all pools in NSW need to be registered before 29 October 2013. Registering your pool online is free, however if you fail to register by the cut off date penalties may apply ($220 fine).

The purpose of this legislation is to improve child safety, with a particular focus on improving pool barrier safety. The hope is that by ensuring all backyard pools comply with pool fencing legislation that the number of drownings and injuries in backyard swimming pools will be reduced.

To register your pool use the following link:

For those without internet access visit your local council (a fee of up to $10 may apply).

How will this affect my conveyancing?

From the 29th of April 2014 anyone who is selling a property with a pool will be required to have their pool inspected and obtain a certificate of pool compliance which will then be attached to the contract for sale. The certificate will be valid for 3 years.

If you need any legal advice regarding the new swimming pool laws please contact us using our contact page or call 02 9984 1292

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