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Mothers In Law Story

After the birth of her second child, Stacey Nadel decided that travelling to the City each day from the Northern Beaches would not be a practical way to keep her career in Law and also be a good mum to her two young boys.

So after deciding to start her own law firm on the Northern Beaches specialising in conveyancing she needed a name.

Her husband Aaron actually suggested 'Mother in Law' as it seemed pretty obvious that her two major paths in life were converging.

An 's' was added to make it Mothers in Law after discussing the future possibility of joining forces with some of Stacey's colleagues and friends who were in similar predicaments after having children.

Mothers in Law Lawyers was born.

Initial discussions surrounding the name evoked lots of ideas about mums. As a new mum herself Stacey knew how important mums where and thought that bringing those motherly qualities to a law firm would really set her apart.

We love conveyancing!

We decided early on in the business to specialise in conveyancing - for a very selfish reason. Most other types of legal matters result in a "successful" and "unsuccessful" party - and, often neither of them are happy (before, during or after the process). Conveyancing matters have two winners. When you let us help you with your purchase or sale we can ensure that everyone ends up happy. We love happy clients.

Finally, we appreciate that there are some law firms out there with terrible reputations and that gives lawyers a bad name. We want to prove that not all lawyers fit the stereotype and that, like any other service business, if the right people are in the right job then customers will be satisfied and will recommend us to their colleagues, friends and family.

Mothers in Law Lawyers is unashamedly different from the rest of the pack...